»An artist only has to take care of his show. All other things depend on the booking agent and a good tour organization! Good work you don't mention directly. It simply works!«

Alex Schick has an experience of over 25 years in the music business . From this time in the beginning he spent the first 10 years in the record business. The former owner of a famous jazz record store also worked as a freelancer for companies like EMI Electrola, Moet Hennessy or the German Museum of Arts. There he was responsible for organizing some different successful series of concerts and talent competitions.

Since 2004 Alex Schick works as tour- and artist manager for different artists and agencies in whole Europe. Music- and entertainment productions, well known sportsmen like Boris Becker and Henri Leconte, tours and concerts with stars of Buena Vista Social Club, Afro Cuban All-Stars or many famous jazz musicians – all jobs he did, he did for the complete contentedness of his clients. With Alex Schick the production or artist is always in good and safe hands.

Perfect tour organization, no matter if a jazz trio, rock band or classical ensemble with 50 people, Alex Schick never loses track of things. He helps the crew keeping course – even when there`s heavy sea – provable in critical situations. Routing, transport, hotels, accounting, visa service etc. obviously belong to the service, which Alex Schick learned from the very beginning of his career. Here he can show his "know-how" he learned and constantly removed during his countless tours throughout Europe and Asia.

As an artist or band you should expect, that your music or your production is always well represented everywhere. Many personal contacts in the business to experienced specialists are very important for the whole planning process before.

Accounting with promoters, hotel booking, flight booking and road management including connections to travel companies, tour bus rentals, technical/backline companies and good engineers are very important for a tour, a good show and a good sound!

For a few years now, Alex sets its own main focus in the booking business, where he could successfully establish himself as well. As a big fan of jazz and Cuban music he represents some of the most exciting artists right now.

Alex Schick works hard, but warm! Always fair, with much skin and less hair! The main thing is to stay honest and keep true to yourself!